ANSI/X9 X9.24-2-2006

ANSI/X9 X9.24-2-2006



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ANSI/X9 X9.24-2-2006

Retail Financial Services Symmetric Key Management Part 2: Using Asymmetric Techniques for the Distribution of Symmetric Keys
Accredited Standards Committee X9 Incorporated / 13-Jan-2006 / 36 pages
This part of ANS X9.24 covers the management of keying material used for financial services such as point of sale (POS) transactions, automatic teller machine (ATM) transactions, messages among terminals and financial institutions, and interchange messages among acquirers, switches and card issuers. The scope of this part of X9.24 may apply to Internet-based transactions, but only when such applications include the use of a TRSM (as defined in section 7.2 of ANS X9.24 Part 1) to protect the private and symmetric keys. This part of ANS X9.24 deals with management of symmetric keys using asymmetric techniques and storage of asymmetric private keys using symmetric keys. Additional parts may be created in the future to address other methods of key management. This part of ANS X9.24 specifies the minimum requirements for the management of asymmetric keying material and TDEA keys used for ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the private keys of asymmetric key pairs when stored as cryptograms on a database. Addressed are all components of the key management life cycle including generation, distribution, utilization, storage, archiving, replacement and destruction. Requirements for actions to be taken in the event of key compromise are also addressed. This part of ANS X9.24 presents overviews of the keys involved in the key transport and key agreement protocols, referencing other ANSI standards where applicable.